Daily journaling prompts by LIFE:CAPTURED

A year of journaling prompts

We are big believers in preserving our stories with both images and words. From big stories to little stories, from stories of heartache to stories that recount the most ordinary of moments, we believe in preserving them all. We know, however, that finding the time to write is hard enough. What’s often even harder is knowing what to write when you do actually sit down to do it. 

Which brings us to the #lifecapturedproject. A year of journaling prompts. 

Download the prompts, print them out, and pin them to your inspiration board or keep them in your journal. Use them to help you write your stories down. To capture and preserve what’s true and important to you. 

The journaling prompts can also double as photography prompts. While we all know that images can bring forth words, we also believe the opposite to be true: Words can inspire images. To be able to turn your emotions and your memories into imagery—that is surely art in one of its purest, most powerful forms.

And for those of you who are interested, you can read Ronnie’s personal journaling here.