Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new site—A blog post by LIFE:CAPTURED

| Written by Ronnie  & Trish |

After beavering away behind the scenes for most of winter, the next part of our journey has finally arrived: New website. New blog. New logo. New look. New opportunities. Endless possibilities.

Those of you who are familiar with our work and our website will immediately note the difference in content between our new site and our old site. Overall, the main change is that we have pared back our content to the things we believe are important and that reflect where are business is heading in the long run. By streamlining in this way, we hope to allow ourselves and our business the opportunity to grow and expand into new territory—new ground that we are excited about exploring. 

Change is never easy, but change can be beautiful. And, ultimately, change is essential. 

At the heart of our business, however, nothing has changed. We are both still passionate about documenting our journeys and, more than ever, we are passionate about helping you document yours.

If you have any questions about our new site or our new blog, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email. Thank you for following along, and we are truly excited to share this next part of our journey with you all.

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