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LIFE:CAPTURED began in August 2013 when we held our first full-day workshop at RAW Space in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to help people document their stories and create tangible keepsakes to be treasured for generations to come. We offer intensive design, photography, and memory keeping workshops, as well as interactive online classes. We are advocates of honest photography, minimalist design, and memory keeping that's simple, beautiful, and tangible. We are the pioneers of the story book, and we offer flexible templates that enable everybody to tell their story. We believe that life is worth remembering and that it is never too early or too late to start documenting yours. LIFE:CAPTURED was founded by Rhonda Mason (of the Pink Ronnie blog) and Trish Chong (of Tealily Photography).

The blog

The official blog of LIFE:CAPTURED Inc, the modern school of memory keeping. We believe that life is worth remembering and that it is never too early or too late to start documenting yours. We blog about design, photography, and how you can preserve your story with timeless, tangible keepsakes.

The heart of memory keeping: Savour the moment


The heart of memory keeping - A blog series by Rhonda Mason for LIFE:CAPTURED Inc (The modern school of memory keeping)

| Written by Ronnie |

Are you someone who tries to savour the moments that matter?

As a mother of four, my mind is often pre-occupied with the next task that I have to complete: Okay, I need to make another peanut butter sandwich, pour another cup of milk, wipe that mouth, get this one down from the table, sweep under that chair, put the soup on, wash up the lunch boxes, and make myself a cup of tea. 

Most of the time, that is the dominant voice in my head. 

But now and again, another voice assuages it.

A quieter voice that tells me to slow down. To step back. To breathe. To take in my children. To look at them in the eye. To listen to them. To interact with them.

When I listen to that voice, I allow myself to sink into a moment, rather than just hovering above it.

It is good to listen to that voice.

Embracing moments allows us to experience life, not just live it.

And it's the experience that then flows onto the writing and the journaling.

Yes, in order to document a moment, you have to first savour the moment.

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