Behind the scenes: Making space for change

Behind the scenes: A year of change—A blog post by Rhonda Mason for LIFE:CAPTURED

| Written by Ronnie |

For the most part, change can be scary and intimidating. But change is one of those constants in life that we cannot ignore, and it is also a necessity when it comes to personal creativity.

As someone who makes a living from being a creative, I have felt stumped—almost crippled—by this sort of change in the past.

This year, however, has been a revelation of sorts.

This year, I have found change to be liberating. Exciting. And intoxicating.

The key, I have discovered, to embracing this sort of change is to make space for it.

Instead of burdening myself with a rigorous blogging schedule, I allowed myself the freedom to stop and not blog.

Instead of expecting myself to keep sharing posts on social media, I told myself to pull back.

Instead of adhering to routines of old, I changed up my calendar to free up time to explore new ideas.

Instead of tying myself to previous plans, I cast my project lists aside and started all over again from a blank slate.

Instead of assuming I knew what I was doing and where I was going, I gave myself permission to step back and question everything.

Instead of accepting the status quo, I approached everything from a fresh, new angle.  

Instead of doing, I focused on thinking, evaluating, reflecting, and feeling.

As a result, a lot has changed in this last half a year. Not just on the business front, but on a personal level too—all this I will write more about in due course.

But for now I just want to say: it is worth making space for change to take place. 

How do you feel about change? What are your strategies for coping when your creativity ebbs and flows?

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