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LIFE:CAPTURED began in August 2013 when we held our first full-day workshop at RAW Space in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to help people document their stories and create tangible keepsakes to be treasured for generations to come. We offer intensive design, photography, and memory keeping workshops, as well as interactive online classes. We are advocates of honest photography, minimalist design, and memory keeping that's simple, beautiful, and tangible. We are the pioneers of the story book, and we offer flexible templates that enable everybody to tell their story. We believe that life is worth remembering and that it is never too early or too late to start documenting yours. LIFE:CAPTURED was founded by Rhonda Mason (of the Pink Ronnie blog) and Trish Chong (of Tealily Photography).

The blog

The official blog of LIFE:CAPTURED Inc, the modern school of memory keeping. We believe that life is worth remembering and that it is never too early or too late to start documenting yours. We blog about design, photography, and how you can preserve your story with timeless, tangible keepsakes.

The #lifecapturedproject: December prompts


| Written by Ronnie |

I'm literally holding my breath as I write this. Your response two weeks ago was both deeply encouraging and extremely overwhelming. I felt this sudden immense pressure to make this work. To not let this 'fail.' I blocked it out for a week or more, and finally came back to it this week. 

On Tuesday night, I sat down,  pulled out my Moleskine, and typed up all the ideas that I'd scribbled down. I then went through and added extra ones. With each prompt, I asked myself: What are the things that I would want to remember? What memories do I want to record? What stories do I want to preserve? 

So, friends, I really hope that this speaks to you. I hope that this is something that will actually help you in preserving your own story. There is a prompt for every day of the month for those of you who want to start practising the daily discipline of pausing, reflecting, and writing. For the rest of you, simply find the time whenever you can, and use the prompt for that particular day. There is no guilt if you miss a day or a week or two weeks or three. You do not have to 'keep up' with anyone else because you are not doing this for the rest of us. You are doing this for you.

Even though these are technically journaling prompts, I also want to invite you to capture an image to go with your words. Like I said in my previous post, I strongly believe that words can inspire images. Think beyond subject matter. Your  imagery does not need to relate directly to the content of your words. Instead, you could try focusing on capturing a mood or an emotion. This is something that I often attempt to do with my own journaling and memory keeping (have a peek at my personal blog to see what I mean), and I find that when I look back on words and images that I've paired together, I am doubly moved. (It might even be the case that there's an image from your archives that is the perfect complement for your words.)

A big part of this is about building community, so we would love to know if you plan to take part. There's now a dedicated channel on our community forum for this project so create a free account now if you haven't already. This will be a great way for us to chat about how we're going and to cheer each other on! Also, make sure you follow our blog because I'm hoping to release additional printables over the course of the month.

If you're thinking of sharing some of your words and images on Instagram, please use the hashtag #lifecapturedproject so we can all be inspired. Every month, Trish and I will go through all the posts with the hashtag and select our favourite words and images to be featured here on the blog.

With nine days to go till we start journaling together, now would be a good time to start thinking about when you actually plan to make time to sit down and write. Perhaps it's first thing in the morning, or the last thing you do before you sleep. Perhaps it's during your children's nap time or as soon as they're in bed at night. Find a spot in your house where you think you'll feel inspired to write, and get your pencil and notebook ready. If you're planning to write on the computer, may I suggest a simple notetaking app like Simplenote, which is what I personally use for all my journaling.

So, friends, let's do this. You can download the prompts for December here

Let's write our hearts out together.

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