Who we are, and what we believe

From casual meetings through friends of friends, it wasn’t until almost a decade later, when we met at a cafe to discuss a family photo shoot, that we realised how much we had in common (despite our very different personalities). Over cups of coffee (we like coffee), we discovered that we were both passionate about documenting life and that we shared a soft spot for the lasting nature of a tangible image—the printed as opposed to a digital file. It wasn’t long before we dreamt up a memory-keeping workshop that we could teach together. And thus LIFE:CAPTURED was born.

We are two mothers on a mission to help and inspire others to document their lives. We are light chasers. We are image makers. We are storytellers. We are memory keepers. We believe, with all our heart, that life is worth remembering and that it is never too early or too late to start documenting your story.

About Ronnie

A graphic designer by trade, Ronnie owned and managed a commercial design studio for seven years before co-founding LIFE:CAPTURED with Trish. Ronnie lives in Sydney with her husband, Rick, and five of her six boys. An avid memory keeper and a bit of a neat freak, Ronnie loves organising her life to a tee and has recently discovered a love for painting. You can read her blog here, browse her paintings here, and purchase her book here. You can also follow her on Instagram here

About Trish

Trish is a mother of three, a believer, and a documenter of life through her lens. She has always had a soft spot for the old-fashioned and the tangible, and is constantly torn between the call of the slow life while being planted in this continually evolving digital age. A lover of dawn and dusk, piping-hot coffee, and contagious laughter—it’s always been the simple things that fill her cup and remind her, in all things, to be thankful. You can browse her work at Tealily Photography or you can follow her on Instagram.